Friday, August 22, 2014

CC #29 . . . 1 to go . . .

This week's meme is all getting away from it all.

1. You have a choice of 3 vacation spots.  Choose one, tell us why, please?
I have linked each one so you can choose.  

     a.  Santa Barbara, California
     b.  Nantucket , Massachusetts 
     c.  Montana's national parks
My choice will be Santa Barbara , California because my daughter and granddaughters and great grandson live in California.  Some in Moreno Valley and some in San Diego. 

2. Will you stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast?
Neither of those choices, I'm afraid.  I'd probably sponge in on the family and hope they would put me up for a few days.

3.  Local fare for meals--places the locals recommend--  
Home cooked meals or maybe Jack in the Box or maybe one of the Disneyland restaurants

4.  Do you bring along paperbacks to read or will you be too busy?
I will bring along a few paperbacks, my Kindle and my Ipad.

5. Do you bring home souvenirs?  
Always. Especially for Joyce if she's babysitting Dahli while I'm gone.

 6. Will you fly? Take the train?  Drive?
I will drive up to the farm in Orlando then Andy will take me to the airport.

7. Do you take in the night life or turn in early?

8. Up and at em early or are you sleeping in?
Not too early. It is a vacation after all.

9. Big breakfast?
Not unless someone wants to cook for their house guest.

Thanks to ANNIE at Cottage by the Sea for another fun meme.


  1. I certainly would elect to stay with family too if they'd have me. I've not been any more south in California than LA. I understand that San Diego is beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  2. Another set of great answers to Annie's meme. I have mine ready to post on Monday. Have a great day ahead. :)