Saturday, August 2, 2014

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I'm sharing a entry that my granddaughter, Jackie, posted the other day.  

"is it wrong? I stared down and shook my head at a mother who was being overly aggressive with her words and actions towards her adorable, well behaved 3 year old daughter? 

the little one was doing nothing but standing next to her mama, holding some bananas, not even making a peep. 

I wanted to say something SO BAD but somehow resisted. she totally knew what I was saying when I stared at her, stone faced, not breaking eye contact... both inside AND out in the parking lot. poor little girl"

 Comments she received.
1)  your sympathy gets to you...and i have been there many times...makes you wonder if she gets worse when they are alone... a little girl opened her bag of chips in the store after her mom paid and she started picking them all up and putting them back into the bag. her mom said....what r u going to do? wat them off the floor? she made her throw them away and the little girl had NOTHING! how about buy her another bag? i tried to catch them with another bag i got her but they had left...i can still see her little frantically{spell check?} trying to get them all b4 her mom saw.....OOOOOOOHHH JACKIE! IT BROKE MY HEART!!!

2)  i hear you...i witnessed this same thing at the playground last week and it was very sad and hard for me to bite my tongue...the best you can do is hope and pray they are taught kindness by other family and friends!

3) not wrong! very right! I love you Missy and am so proud of you! (from me)
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  1. I see things like this too - mothers who someday may regret the words they say to their children. Your grand daughter did the right thing. Maybe it made the mother think a bit.

  2. Marge, I've seen things like this too, & it breaks my heart. I don't know your granddaughter, but I am so proud of her too! I'm one that would definitely stand for a helpless child. In the future, they will never forget the one that was their voice. Such a great post. Hugs

  3. Marge, I can't tell you how many times I have seen this! It breaks my heart

  4. Like the others, How I wish I was able to go and shake that mother, but instead I silently pray for her. BUT!! If I see a mother totally abusing her child with her hands, then I interfer. Sorry but I can not see any child suffering with physical abuse.