Thursday, August 7, 2014

CC Day14 of 30

More about "The Clock" today. 

It's a franchise type business and there's one in Clermont also so when I visited Avon Park for the first time . . . & saw "The Clock" Restaurant on Route 27, I remember thinking . . . Ok this is good!

Every Sunday morning when I meet Elizabeth at The Clock, I look at this little section of the menu and order the Senior Touchdown with eggs over medium, 2 sausage links and a pancake with syrup. My bill will come to $5.23 and a tip of $1.00 for Anne. 

I eat every bite and am not hungry again until it's time for the evening meal. Perfect!

Wanna see the rest of the menu? then click HERE

I'll be heading for the pool shortly and when I return I will deal with installing a new, faster modem that came from Comcast yesterday.  They obviously do not know who they are dealing with here because I'm not good with wires or following directions. 

So if you never hear from me again, you will know that I couldn't figure out how to install this new thing and that I refuse to pay the $70.00 for a tech to come from Comcast & do it.  Wish me luck, dear friends. PLEASE.


  1. Hi Marge!

    I'm impressed - 14 of 30 day! You go girl!

    Clock's, reminds me of a little restaurant we like to go to called, Dixie's Diner. It's a cute little restaurant with a 50's theme, table side juke boxes, and the waitresses, all wear 50's uniforms, it's really fun! The food is excellent and the senior breakfast always fills me up!

    Good luck with the modem! I'm not god with wires either, so I always label them with tape when I take them off -- sometimes it helps... ;0)


  2. Hi Marge! Oh Clock sounds like my kind of of restaurant!

  3. Blogger is giving me problems, it keeps freezing. I also wanted to say good luck, I am not tech savvy either, but I refused to pay to have a technician come out! hugs!

  4. Made me hungry. I love breakfast!
    You will do just fine installing the modem.

  5. Hi Marge!!! That is a great breakfast menu. Sounds wonderful.
    I hope you enjoyed your pool time and that the modem installs easily for you. Have a nice day.

  6. Great menu Marge! I like what you order...I love breakfast meals. I hope you can figure out the technical stuff & get back online! Have a great day! Hugs

  7. Hi Marge, I prefer potatoes over pancakes. Hubby usually orders one and I the other. I am sure you got it figured out. Hugs

  8. Hi Marge; I looked at The Clock website after you mentioned it in your last post and found it was a franchise in Florida and looked at the menus online. I think it's great you go every Sunday morning. Today my sister and I stopped for lunch at our favorite place "George's" before shopping. They know us by heart as we manage to go every other week. Have a great day ahead my friend.

  9. It looks like the perfect breakfast! I hope you get your new modem working. Hopefully they can offer some tech support over the phone if you need it. Hugs

  10. How yummy does that breakfast sound! I LOVE breakfast food (I hate to cook it though). I give you a lot of credit for installing your own modem and even if it drives the tech support guys nuts, it is worth it to save the money. :) Take care my friend!