Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Two's

 Here's my 2 cents on Tuesday.  

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for the ALS Association is sweeping the nation, and going viral in social media. However, do you know what you are supporting if you contribute funds to the ALS Association?

Guess what?  It appears that over 50% of what the ALS Association receives appears to support salaries of people who work there.  Check out these #'s.

The author of this article pulled up their 2013 tax returns to take a closer look at how their funds are spent. Here are the salaries for the leadership of the group:
Jane H. Gilbert – President and CEO – $339,475.00
Daniel M. Reznikov – Chief Financial Officer – $201,260.00
Steve Gibson – Chief Public Policy Officer – $182,862.00
Kimberly Maginnis - Chief of Care Services Officer – $160,646.00
Lance Slaughter - Chief Chapter Relations and Development Officer – $152,692.00
Michelle Keegan – Chief Development Officer – $178,744.00
John Applegate – Association Finance Officer – $118.726.00
David Moses – Director of Planned Giving – $112,509.00
Carrie Munk – Chief Communications and Marketing Officer – $142,875.00
Patrick Wildman – Director of Public Policy – $112,358.00
Kathi Kromer – Director of State Advocacy – $110,661.00

Total administration costs, as seen in the pie chart above, were just under $2 million. “Other salaries and wages” (Part IX line 7) were $3.6 million, with another half million dollars in “pension plans” and “employee benefits.” Expenses for non-employee labor were about $4 million, and “travel expenses” exceeded $1.3 million.

So total costs for labor to run the association was around $12.5 million, from revenues received totaling $24 million.

Once again, the American public is taken advantage of.  You are contributing to ALS so that a cure can be found thru research.  Well they only spend 27% of every dollar you contribute on RESEARCH.  

My 2 cents:  Shame on you, ALS.

Source & complete article is :  HERE


  1. Not good news for sure. I say shame on them as well.

  2. Thank you for this info Marge! I actually was getting so sick of seeing them being done on facebook, and then people are even showing the goof ups of them. Shame on them for sure!

  3. Huge salaries for a charity. Not good. Not happy with the abortion connection either.

  4. Wow! Shame on them is right! I too agree with Annie and am not happy with the abortion connection myself. :-(