Saturday, January 31, 2015

Peroxide #2

Disinfect Fresh Produce

Protect yourself from harmful bacteria that can live on produce with mild hydrogen peroxide and household vinegar. Spray first with 3-percent hydrogen peroxide, then with white vinegar, and rinse well. A test performed by a food scientist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University found that the combination of the two solutions killed bacteria like E. coli, listeria, and salmonella, better than either solution on its own. The scientist said what she really likes about this method is that "every [microbe] that drips off is killed," which means you won't spread contamination to cutting boards and food prep surfaces. She also found that there is no lingering taste or smell from either solution.


  1. Good idea, Marge. I've seen solutions you can buy that you can wash your veggies and fruit with but this would be more economical.

  2. Great idea Marge. Thanks for sharing! :) Hugs

  3. Hi Marge, good idea and I would never have thought of using HP. Thanks for sharing. Hugs