Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday . . .

Caden's First Day of 2nd Grade

Koah stays home with Dad

YOU are the cutest baby ever!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bye Will . . .

Not just another Saturday!

Elizabeth came to visit so a group of us took her out to lunch.  Just as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, I commented to Sherry that she was the only one in the group that wasn't a widow.  She made some kind of funny remark and we all laughed.

Came home. Took Dahli to the dog walk. Came home. An ambulance goes by.  Judy and I follow it  cause it goes down her street.  It's parked in front of Sherry's house.  What the heck?

She comes out and says "I found him dead when I got home". What? What did you say? He's dead?  OMG he's dead!

She was a widow & didn't even know it till we got home.  YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.  Bye Will . . . 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm back . . .

from my Ohio vacation.  Would you be surprised if I told you that I had a fabulous time.  I haven't been home in a long time and really needed to get reacquainted with all my family and friends.  

Tears? you betcha but they were all happy tears.  Thanks to my son, Christopher, for spending his hard earned vacation with me in Ohio.  

Please click on picture for larger view.

Pictures of me with the kids and the family.

I sure do love my dear sweet precious family.