Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bye Will . . .

Not just another Saturday!

Elizabeth came to visit so a group of us took her out to lunch.  Just as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, I commented to Sherry that she was the only one in the group that wasn't a widow.  She made some kind of funny remark and we all laughed.

Came home. Took Dahli to the dog walk. Came home. An ambulance goes by.  Judy and I follow it  cause it goes down her street.  It's parked in front of Sherry's house.  What the heck?

She comes out and says "I found him dead when I got home". What? What did you say? He's dead?  OMG he's dead!

She was a widow & didn't even know it till we got home.  YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.  Bye Will . . . 

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  1. Oh Marge how sad! I am so sorry for your friends. I will say a prayer for Elizabeth. Rest In Peace Will!