Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday . . .

We called these "bubble lights". 
What did you call them?


  1. I remember these for sure! I was fascinated with them when I was a child. I found them years later once again as an adult and we had them on the tree until they wore out. Now they are long gone. Thanks for the memory.

  2. I remember those. I have one of them as a night light in my bathroom. I saw it in a store and loved how it looked so I bought it. Kids love them.
    They are called bubble lights and you can still buy them.

  3. Thanks for the links to Pope Francis! I just love him! And doesn't he make it so easy!! My sil still has a few working Christmas lights like that!

  4. I remember seeing those, but not sure if we had any on our tree. They are neat. I do not remember what people called them, so bubble lights it is...LOL!!!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  5. Oh yes definitely LOL! do I remember those lights. We called them bubbling candle lights as children. Not sure what the correct name was then, probably bubble lights. :) Have a great day ahead dear friend.