Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Burrowing Owls . . .

Here I am on this beautiful Marco Island and am learning about these precious little creatures that are my neighbors right here next to this house we are renting. Hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I am!!

Burrowing owls

Curious Residents of Florida
Florida’s burrowing owls Athene cunicularia floridana dig their burrows in vacant lots and open spaces, and are year round residents. The local population breeds between February and July, but some do rear young outside of these months. Special permits are required for removal or relocation of burrows.
Burrowing owls can be of special benefit in urban settings since they consume insects, including roaches and mole crickets. They also eat amphibians and rodents. 

Burrowing Owl Facts
~ Native to Florida
~ Return to same burrow each year
~ Only species of owl to nest underground
Burrows are up to 3 ft deep and 5-12 ft long ~ Once partners are chosen, they mate for life

~ About 9 inches tall (the size of a water bottle) ~ Diurnal and nocturnal (hunts day and night) 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Toni's Adventure

The Sleepless Night

1.   Not being able to sleep this one night during halloween, I twisted and turned in bed and turning toward the hallway I see a shadow on the wall outside the bedroom.

2.   Rising from my bed I decided to walk to the kitchen and check to see if Matt is there getting coffee ready for the morning .

3.   This is when I spotted the shadow again but this time it was moving really fast across the wall! 

4.   I was afraid that if I didn't figure out who/what it was then little Veda would wake up and be frightened but guess what? Veda was not in her bed. I heard a giggle & instantly realized my shadow was little Veda. We stood there and giggled together cause we love happy endings.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Yesterday was a really sad day! Time to take Katie, Kelly & Lizzie to the airport & back to Cleveland  for school 0n Monday.  After dropping them off at Fort Meyer's, Matt & I were off to the Seminole Casino in Immokalee.  Matt won at the BlackJack table but I lost as usual.  Coming home was a real trip. An unpleasant one in pouring rain. Yuck!

Today was windy but better weather-wise but it sure seems strange not having the girls here. We went grocery shopping this morning and while the guys were fishing, I spent most of the afternoon playing with Veda. We had barbecue chicken, Stove Top stuffing & corn on the cob for dinner. Dee-lish. Matt's a good cook.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Marco Island

A little behind with my posting here so I'll play catch-up today.

Tuesday, Oct.24th
Matt, Lizzie, Katie & me  left my house on Tuesday, stopped at Fort Meyer's to pick up Kelly, Jackie & the baby's and arrived on Marco Island around 4 o'clock.  The house looked pretty good from the outside and really knocked us out when we got inside. It is totally gorgeous. The ceilings are 12 feet tall and the furnishings are straight out of Southern Living magazine.
Jackie & the babies got the Master Suite. Matt & I got the twin beds. Katie & Lizzie got the Queen bed and Kelly got the den with the sofa bed.

Wednesday, Oct.25th
Grocery shopping and getting ourselves organized.

Thursday, Oct.26th
Our first day at the beach. There were some really big waves that wanted to knock me over when I walked along the beach. Loved it.  In the evening, it was dinner at Fin's Bistro to celebrate Kelly's birthday. Chris drove down from Ocala/ Dunnellon to join us for dinner and stay till Saturday.

Friday, Oct. 27th.
Steve, the babies father & Jackie's hubby arrived today. The girls went to the beach with Chris. Matt went fishing & Jackie, the babies & I chilled out at the pool. Katie, Kelly & Lizzie are scheduled to fly home tomorrow but they seem to be changing those plans. Hope they decide to stay until Saturday.

Phew! I think I'm caught up! Gotta add some pictures!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Birthday

Today is my granddaughter Kelly's birthday. 

Happy Birthday sweetie! 

Love you very much!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday . . .

Yesterday was Mah Jongg at Jean's at noon then 4 o'clock Mass and shopping at Walmart.  After checking out, I stopped at the Pharmacy for the senior flu shot and the clerk asks me for my Part D card. I thought that was strange cause I would have thought the flu shot was Part B. No she says and she's sorry because I don't have coverage for shots.  So when I got home I called my Part D carrier and guess what? The flu shot is covered under Part B not D.  Kind of upset after that fiasco.

The Cleveland kids arrived safely at the farm yesterday evening.  They will be at my house tomorrow around noon.  Can't wait to see the grands again.  Hopefully, we will have some pool time in the afternoon and then my car will get packed. On Tuesday, we'll be on our way to Marco Island.  I love these family vacations.

I know this is a bunch of dribble but it's my life and that's pretty much all I've got!!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Getting ready!

The Cleveland kids will arrive at the farm tomorrow and stay until Sunday. Then on Monday, they will be coming down to get ME and off to Marco Island we will go.

Yesterday was getting all the beds ready for company.

Today is cleaning the golf cart which is a total mess right now.

This afternoon is new tires for the Bessie & a trip to the recycle bin.

Sounds pretty routine but very exciting for me.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bessie came back home today!

The conversation around here is usually centered around "before Irma" and "after Irma".  Our county was the worst after the Keys so getting things back to normal will take a while. No damage to my house but Bessie (my car) was damaged when someone's roof landed on her and then danced around long enough to do quite a bit of damage. She's been in the body shoppe since last Monday and finally got to come home today.  Sooooooooo glad! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Saw this entry on Facebook from my cousin Patti this morning and it seems like the perfect vehicle to get me back in the game.  So here goes . . . 

I wish more people did these...It's fun to learn little things about my friends.

Giving this a try...
1. Favorite smell. Lavender
2. Last time you cried earlier today
3. Favorite pizza? Pizza Hut
4. Favorite flower? Daisy
5. Did you go to college? U of Akron
6. Untie your shoes when taking them off? no
7. Roller coasters? Hell no
8. Favorite ice cream? Moose Tracks
9. Favorite pass time? Criminal Case game
10. What drives you crazy? gossip
11. What are you listening to? Browns (yuck)
12. Favorite Color? Pink
13. Tattoos? Nope
14. Piercing? Ears
15. Color of hair? Brown & Grey
16. Color of eyes? Blue
17. Favorite food to eat? Anything sweet
18. Favorite drink? Sweet Tea
20. Night owl or morning person? Night
21. Favorite day of the week? Tuesday
22. Do you have a nickname? Margie
23. Pictures on your wall? Yes

Come on, add a bit of fun to your day. Copy and paste into your status and change my answers to yours.

Now I plan to visit some friends. Have to find Toni and Kathy's new addys. Later . . .