Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Burrowing Owls . . .

Here I am on this beautiful Marco Island and am learning about these precious little creatures that are my neighbors right here next to this house we are renting. Hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I am!!

Burrowing owls

Curious Residents of Florida
Florida’s burrowing owls Athene cunicularia floridana dig their burrows in vacant lots and open spaces, and are year round residents. The local population breeds between February and July, but some do rear young outside of these months. Special permits are required for removal or relocation of burrows.
Burrowing owls can be of special benefit in urban settings since they consume insects, including roaches and mole crickets. They also eat amphibians and rodents. 

Burrowing Owl Facts
~ Native to Florida
~ Return to same burrow each year
~ Only species of owl to nest underground
Burrows are up to 3 ft deep and 5-12 ft long ~ Once partners are chosen, they mate for life

~ About 9 inches tall (the size of a water bottle) ~ Diurnal and nocturnal (hunts day and night) 


  1. Oh how sweet is that little guys face!
    I think owls are just wonderful creatures.
    Glad to know more about this kind of owl.

  2. Hi Marge! I love owls, there just is something so peaceful about them! Glad you are back to posting! I change from blogspot to Wordpress because blogspot stopped working on my iPad.

  3. I wasn't able to sign in with my Wordpress, there was no option for it

  4. Hi Marge, What cute little owl. Looks like you are having a nice vacation. I added a few pictures tonight. Glad you are blogging again.