Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 21st.
I'm busy getting ready for Thanksgiving Day dinner at the farm. The baked apples are in the oven and the house smells wonderful.  The cucumbers are sliced and in the refrigerator.  I'll add the sour cream on Thursday morning before dinner. I have a Sara Lee pumpkin pie waiting for the oven to empty.  So exciting.  I hope to get an early start for my trip to the farm tomorrow. They say it's one of the busiest days to travel so wish me luck. I call cardBingo tonight and I'll pack after I get home. Busy, busy, busy! Don't you just love it? I sure do!  Gotta go but before I do, I gotta say . . .


  1. Hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely one and blessed with family. Have a wonderful evening my friend.

  2. just stopping by to say Hi Marge!