What is Living Little?

What's 'Living Little' all about? Well it's different things for different people.  For me:
*  it's downsizing,
*  it's not being a slave to stuff,
*  it's leaving a smaller carbon print,
*  it's less is more; more time for friends and more time for fun,
*  but most of all it's living in a 400 square foot little house.

OK I admit it.  I did cheat a bit! Not a lot but a little bit when I added a 12 x 15 foot great room but that's only because I need the space when the kids come to visit. That said, please take a moment to check out some of the links below. Perhaps you may one day choose to join those of us who are "living little".

Live in less space but have more room to enjoy it. Does that sound like a contradiction? On the contrary, living small frees up your mind, your wallet, and your soul. Source.

So now you know why my blog is called "Living Little".